Kaiser Jeep M715: The Ultimate Military Truck Turned Classic Collectible

Kaiser Jeep M715: The Ultimate Military Truck Turned Classic Collectible

When it comes to classic military vehicles, the Kaiser Jeep M715 is one that stands out from the rest. This rugged and durable truck was originally produced for military use in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but has since become a sought-after collector’s item among truck enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history of the Kaiser Jeep M715, its unique features, and why it’s such a prized possession for collectors.

History of the Kaiser Jeep M715

The Kaiser Jeep M715 was first introduced in 1967 as a military vehicle designed to replace the aging Dodge M37. It was produced by Kaiser Jeep Corporation, which was later acquired by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in 1970. The M715 was built for the U.S. military and was used primarily as a cargo and personnel carrier.

After the military started phasing out the M715 in the 1980s, many were sold off to civilians and eventually became popular among truck enthusiasts. Today, the Kaiser Jeep M715 is a highly sought-after collector’s item due to its unique design and rugged durability.

Unique Features of the Kaiser Jeep M715

The Kaiser Jeep M715 is known for its distinctive appearance and rugged build quality. Some of its unique features include:

1. Heavy-duty axles

The M715 was designed to be a heavy-duty vehicle, and its axles were built to withstand rough terrain and heavy loads. The front and rear axles are both Dana 60s, which are known for their strength and durability.

2. Powerful engine

The M715 is powered by a 230-cubic inch Tornado inline-six engine that produces 132 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque. This engine was known for its reliability and durability, making it well-suited for military use.

3. Long wheelbase

The M715 has a longer wheelbase than most other military vehicles, which gives it better stability and handling on rough terrain. Its 126-inch wheelbase also makes it a popular choice for off-roading enthusiasts.

4. Open-top design

The M715 has an open-top design, which was common among military vehicles of its time. This design allows for easy access to the cargo area and provides good visibility for the driver.

Why Collectors Love the Kaiser Jeep M715

There are several reasons why the Kaiser Jeep M715 is such a prized possession among collectors. Here are a few of the main reasons:

1. Rarity

The M715 was only produced for a few years and in limited quantities, which makes it a relatively rare vehicle. This rarity adds to its collectibility and makes it more valuable to collectors.

2. Historical significance

The M715 has a rich history as a military vehicle, which adds to its appeal for collectors who are interested in military history. It also represents a unique period in American automotive history, when military vehicles were being repurposed for civilian use.

3. Durability

The M715 was built to last, which means that many of them are still in good condition today. This makes them a practical choice for collectors who want a vehicle that they can use for off-roading or other outdoor activities.

4. Customization options

The M715 is a popular choice for customization among truck enthusiasts. Its rugged design and heavy-duty components make it an ideal platform for modifications and upgrades.


The Kaiser Jeep M715 is a classic military vehicle that has become a sought-after collector’s item among truck enthusiasts. Its distinctive design, rugged build quality, and historical significance make it a valuable addition to any collection. Whether you’re a military history buff or simply appreciate the unique design and durability of this vehicle, the Kaiser Jeep M715 is a standout in the world of classic trucks. With its heavy-duty axles, powerful engine, and long wheelbase, the M715 is built to handle rough terrain and heavy loads, making it a practical choice for both military and civilian use.

For collectors, the rarity and historical significance of the M715 make it a valuable addition to any collection. Its durability and customization options also make it a practical choice for outdoor activities and off-roading adventures.

If you’re in the market for a classic truck that combines rugged design with historical significance, the Kaiser Jeep M715 is definitely worth considering. With its unique features and timeless appeal, it’s no wonder why this military vehicle turned collectible is so highly sought-after.

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